One department that should be closely tied to marketing and sales is public relations. When the two teams collaborate, they can create content marketing campaigns that are going to receive more exposure and attract additional customers.

The roles of traditional communication agencies have altered over the past few years, due to the ever-evolving media landscape. This means marketing needs cross-media concepts, new ways to break into the various types of media that are emerging.

Today, PR it’s only used as publicity in the traditional sense, which means reaching out to media. However, it’s a profession on the downward spiral because media is shrinking and changing. The NewsMaker operates beyond media to build social trends and tendencies (off/online) through strategic communication plans and consolidated relationships with opinion leader, influencers, bloggers of different markets: design, chefs, hip destinations, architecture, lifestyle, yachting, corporate communication.

We operate in Italy with national media and we handle PR & Communication plans and events in Europe, US and Russia through local partners.